Council Board of Directors met in Whittier

Whittier Alaska. Photo by Bill Rome.

The Council’s Board of Directors met in Whittier on Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15. Topics on the agenda included:

  • Presentations by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the council regarding the change in Alyeska’s marine services contract provider from Crowley Marine Services to Edison Chouest Offshore set to take place July 1, 2018. These services include key oil spill prevention and response assets such as escort tugs, oil recovery barges and associated personnel for service in Prince William Sound.
  • A presentation by council staff and contractors Nuka Research and Planning Group and Little River Marine Consultants on recommended modeling, field demonstrations and training to be conducted as part of the transition from Crowley Marine Services to Edison Chouest Offshore.
  • A presentation by council staff on the status of amendments to the Prince William Sound Tanker Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan and Alyeska’s Valdez Marine Terminal Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan.
  • A report of the council’s monitoring of drills and exercises in 2016.
  • A panel discussion regarding a recent Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council study on the status of Prince William Sound herring and its conclusions, along with other recent research.

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New project to identify non-destructive testing methods for secondary containment liners

The Council is inviting proposals for a project to identify non-destructive testing methods that could be used by Alyeska to accurately evaluate the integrity of buried secondary containment liners at the Valdez Marine Terminal in Valdez, Alaska.

Alyeska is required by state regulation to locate the crude oil storage tanks at the terminal within a secondary containment area designed to prevent spilled crude oil from reaching nearby waterbodies, land, or underlying groundwater. The secondary containment area must be lined with materials that are impermeable to crude oil.

Damage to the buried liner has been discovered visually when Alyeska excavated during a variety of projects. The goal of this project is to identify other testing methods, besides visual examination, that could be used to non-destructively and more comprehensively assess the buried liner in the secondary containment areas for damage such as cracks, tears, and holes. Such methods should minimize the need for excavating the earthen fill above the liner.

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UPDATED: Connecting with Our Communities – Outreach and Communications Planning


The deadline for proposals for this project have been extended to October 26 at 5:00pm.

The Council is seeking a contractor to help us develop a strategic public outreach and communication plan, as well as to make recommendations for improvement in the Council’s image and messaging, engage a larger audience, and build support for the Council’s mission. Continue reading

Oil spill contingency plan reviewers needed

Prince William Sound Tanker Oil Spill Contingency Plan

The Council is looking for experts who are familiar with oil spill contingency planning issues in Alaska to help the Council review spill contingency plans related to the Alyeska terminal and associated tankers.

The Council participates in public reviews related to:

  • The Prince William Sound crude oil tanker oil spill contingency plans
  • The Valdez Marine Terminal oil spill contingency plan
  • Federal/State Preparedness Plans for Response to Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases.
  • Review and implementation of conditions of plan approvals placed on the plans by state or federal regulatory agencies
  • Other continuous improvement processes, proposed amendments to the plans, and other plan-related issues when appropriate

We are hoping to identify and pre-qualify technical experts who may be called upon to offer expert advice on the Council’s issues and concerns. Interested technical experts are encouraged to submit a statement of qualifications listing their expertise for consideration.

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