Board of Directors to meet in Anchorage

The Council’s Board of Directors will meet on Thursday and Friday, January 18 and 19 at the Embassy Suites in Anchorage (Map).

The tentative schedule for the Thursday board meeting session is from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. On Friday, the meeting is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The meeting is open to the public, except for executive sessions. Public comments are tentatively scheduled to be taken Thursday starting at 8:55 a.m.

The Council will be conducting regular business during the meeting, including updates from council ex-officio members, staff and committees. Other topics included on the agenda are:

  • Presentations by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Council regarding the change in Alyeska’s marine services contract provider from Crowley Marine Services to Edison Chouest Offshore set to take place July 1, 2018. These services include key oil spill prevention and response assets such as escort tugs, oil recovery barges and associated personnel for service in Prince William Sound.
  • A proposed board resolution regarding safe crude oil tanker operation in Prince William Sound, related to the marine services transition. DRAFT resolution.
  • A presentation by Glosten and Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network on research and development of a two-part ship arrest system, used to slow down the movement of a disabled vessel.
  • A presentation by Council staff on the status of amendments to the Prince William Sound Tanker Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan and Alyeska’s Valdez Marine Terminal Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan. This will include an update on the status of the request for adjudicatory hearing regarding the terminal plan, which was submitted to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation jointly by the Council, the City of Valdez, and Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation.
  • A presentation by Philip Johnson, Department of the Interior, on the Alaska Regional Response Team’s development of dispersant use avoidance areas.
  • A summary by Council staff of incidents (e.g., oil spills, fires, malfunctions causing shutdowns, navigational closures, tanker/escort problems) for the terminal or tankers that have occurred in 2017.

The meeting agenda provided is subject to change before or during the meeting. Council board meetings are routinely recorded, and may be disseminated to the public by the Council or by the news media.

Meeting documents:

Digital Packet:

  • Download: Computer and E-Reader Friendly Digital Packet 
  • This large document can be viewed on your computer, or downloaded to your favorite e-reading device.  There are links on the agenda to take you to individual briefing sheets.  Bookmarks have also been created for each briefing sheet and their attachment.  Click on the ribbon tab on the left-hand side of the page to make the bookmarks visible (while in Adobe Reader).


Science Night 2017

Where humpback whales hang out in Prince William Sound, by season. Image from "We are watching" presentation by Mandy Lindeberg.

Where humpback whales hang out in Prince William Sound, by season. Image from “We are watching” presentation by Mandy Lindeberg.

The Council had some great presentations at our recent Science Night! See the list below for the presenter’s slides.


Want to get notifications for next year’s event? Email Shawna Popovici to be added to the list!


Funds available for educational projects related to our mission

High school students on an expedition co-funded by this program in 2015 visited Valdez and met with our staff members to learn about the council and improvements in safe oil transportation since 1989.

High school students on an expedition co-funded by this program in 2015 visited Valdez and met with our staff members to learn about the council and improvements in safe oil transportation since 1989..

The council works to educate Exxon Valdez region youth about the environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska terminal and associated tankers. Working with area youth is vital to fight complacency that can arise if new generations of citizens are not continually reminded of the need for ongoing oil spill prevention.

To support this effort, the council is inviting proposals for facilitating learning experiences with Exxon Valdez oil spill region youth.

UPDATE: The deadline for submittals has passed. Please contact Outreach Coordinator Lisa Matlock  for more information about the next application period.  Continue reading

Council representatives visit Louisiana shipyards

Visitors come away impressed with new construction and Edison Chouest Offshore personnel

New information shared with the Council along with tours of Edison Chouest facilities has begun to alleviate some concerns related to the change of marine services contractors in Prince William Sound, some concerns remain.

During the May visit, the Council observed the massive tugs under construction in the shipyard. Left to right: Mike Day of Alyeska, Board member Patience Andersen Faulkner, staff member Roy Robertson, committee volunteer Jim Herbert, and Brett Lirette of Edison Chouest Offshore. Photo by Kate Dugan.

Tours of facilities

Council representatives visited Louisiana in May, June, and October to tour Edison Chouest’s shipyards, headquarters, and training facilities, where the company is building the new escort tugs and response vessels that will make up the Prince William Sound oil spill prevention and response system starting next year.

The visitors were given unfettered access to Edison Chouest’s staff and the opportunity to ask questions about their operations. Those present were impressed with the facilities and the company culture focusing on safety and cultivating competent staff. The quality of workmanship and use of new technologies were also on display. Continue reading